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It is this "personal" approach that makes us different from the rest. We care about the individuals whether it is the tenant or the property owner since we ourselves own dozens of investment properties around Boca Raton (ranging from single family homes, villas, townhomes etc.) and have felt every pain on our "own" skins, appreciating the viewpoints of both sides. The tenant would like a nice "home" with the minimum of hassles of occupancy. The landlord would like to get paid on time and have the property remain in good condition. To fulfill these needs, most often a "3rd party" is the best solution. No emotional attachment, just a simple solutions oriented attitude. 

  • Aggressive Marketing via all local Real Estate Brokers
  • Professional Tenant Screening
  • Unit Inspection prior and post occupancy (with photo documentation)
  • Maintenance and Repair "only" after Landlord approval
  • Tenant acceptance of all repairs "in writing"
  • Monthly “drive by” inspection of property
  • 24 hour Emergency number for both Landlord and Tenant
  • Pre storm preparedness - boarding up and securing shutters
  • Post storm inspection
  • Assistance with any insurance claims
  • Eviction and Recovery Services
  • Collections
  • Bank Deposit Services
  • Accounts Payable
  • 24-hour Access
  • Advertising
  • Detailed Monthly Statements, On-Line, reachable 24/7

Some property owners genuinely enjoy the management of their own property. But for those people who want to enjoy all the benefits of ownership, without all the hassles of maintaining their property for  themselves, there's Boca Property Management.

"Our commitment is to keep your investment running smoothly and profitably."


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