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Client testimonies;

We live in Massachusetts and own 2 condominiums in Boca Raton for the past 12 years. Boca Property Management has maintained our properties better then we could have even if lived locally. From Hurricane repairs to tenant control, they are the best. The properties we bought as investments to be sold when we retire on the money we made is in great hands. Our retirement nest-egg is safe. Thank you B.P.M.!
George and Louise Stein

When my Job moved me to Tampa in 2002, I was glad to find such reliable folks as Boca Property Management. I just get my checks and can forget about the dilemmas they handle for us. Great job!
Bill Blatz

Living in New York, when the hurricane hit in Boca, we thought we will be wiped out. Repairing the roof and the collapsed patio seemed like an impossibility to manage from up here. Boca Property Management not only assisted with swift repairs, they helped with retaining our tenant, getting us through this crisis...  Thumbs up you guys!
Mary and Joe Hollander

We are "snow birds" and needed to maintain our yard, pool and to manage vendors while we are away. Boca Property Management has been our best find in Boca!
Martin & Joyce Forkazy

It has now been 4 years since Boca Property Management has managed our house in Boca Raton. We are now on our 3rd tenant since 2003. Smooth transitions every time! We only hear about issues in the form of solutions. Each time, right on target. No headaches, no stress. Thanks guys!!!
Andrea & Steven Anders

Boca Raton Property Management with their on-line accounting is totally transparent so I always know where we stand without having to call or write. We get our monthly statements and year end statements in front of us 24/7. Our money is well documented and cared for. Great job!
David Lebowitz

Thanks to Boca Raton Property Management we can relax about having our place rented and maintained. When we signed up in 2006, I was apprehensive, but over the years, I almost forgot we had a place in Florida. We just get our money like clockwork. They pay our mortgage and HOA fees. Just wonderful dealing with real professionals.
Bryce & Alan Freidman

Your company is doing an outstanding job! The care and extra effort that you deliver is well worth your fees. We don't know what we would have done without you. We can't afford to fly to Florida every time there is an issue. Then to hunt for a reliable repair person "remotely" is another nightmare we now avoid. Your attention to detail is highly appreciated.
Mike & Judy Coreman

Since we hired your company, we find ourselves forgetting that we have a property in Boca Raton. Payments are received like clockwork. Repairs are documented with digital photos. We feel totally at easy knowing the your "watchful eye" is there taking care of our interests. Robert & Kathy Martin

When we first got into "renovations" of our investment property which was bought at a good price but in poor condition, to rent out "as-is" in a timely manner seemed fruitless with our Realtor. We turned to Boca Property Management to assist us with this task. They provided all the workers needed from their vendor list. Our place was patched, painted, new appliances installed in a matter of two weeks. "WE" could not have done it, even if we lived in Boca. 2 weeks later the place was rented at a higher price and to a nice couple. They've just renewed their lease for the third year. Only one word describes the management service "Awesome"!
Rob & Mary Stewart


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